What are you manifesting? 

Aloha friends,

As someone that lives for adventure, takes chances, and questions everything—it’s safe to say that I’ve always been a rule breaker! Although, it wasn’t until I was feeling completely lost, searching for deeper meaning, that my soul’s journey truly began.


Aching for purpose, I committed to answering my calling and decided to conduct an unconventional experiment, which involved applying, and testing, ancient truth and wisdom.

What I wasn’t anticipating was that this would quickly turn into a whirlwind of deep struggles, heartbreaks, chaos, unbearable humility, wildly unpredictable characters, shocking paranormal activity, miracles, and mind-blowing synchronicities—that collectively led to this story’s magical ending.


This test of faith entailed my battle of ego vs. soul, seeing through the illusions, unraveling the social conditioning, and the complete eradication of everything I thought I knew—and was. The truth hit me hard and I ended up in the fight of my life, and just barely made it through.

This bizarre quest for truth led to global solutions to our world’s issues as the potential of humanity became shockingly evident. The universe proved it’s limitless power as I learned how to intentionally magnetize my desires and co-create the life I dreamed of.

From the bottom of my heart, I deeply encourage you to read this story and escape the boundaries of your mind and our society—because anything is possible—literally!



P.S.   Are you manifesting magic?