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Dance it off!

When is the last time you danced and sang for hours? Are you aware of the health benefits of these activities? Dancing increases your strength, flexibility, endurance and condition of your heart and lungs. It's medicine for the soul!

The other day my friends and I went to the beach and set up a speaker, cranked some soulful music and began dancing in front of everyone. We played like we were children and were laughing the entire time!

People stopped to watch us and even started dancing themselves. In addition to how great it felt physically, mentally and spiritually—it was also extremely socially rewarding.

In many ancient cultures, healers used to ask people that were sick when the last time was that they danced and sang. Shamans would also ask how long it's been since they were engaged in story telling and sitting in silence. There is a direct correlation between these activities and increased vitality.

So how much are you incorporating this into your life? If you're feeling depressed or sad than maybe it's time to plan a night out dancing or simply put the music up at your house and let loose. The trick is to get out of your head, play and feel the rhythm in your soul. It really is the most fun way to get in shape and bring more joy to your life! Dance it out!


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