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Electric Love!

We all want it. We all wish for it. But how many of us know how to create electricity with someone? I'm talking mind blowing, tangible electricity!

Here's the good's not as hard as we think! If you rub your hands together rigorously what do you feel? Heat right? That's your Chi, or life force energy. Now what happens if you stand in place and bounce up and down for a couple minutes and then stop and tap into your body? Feel that energy circulating? That's your chi....and it's powerful stuff!

Your chi can be activated through deep breathing, Qi Gong and yoga as well. When you learn how to circulate your own life force energy you feel more alive, your health improves and you become more magnetic. Eventually, you can learn how to store that energy and emit it to someone else. Pretty cool huh?

So can this circulating energy be incorporated into your relationships? Of course it can—and it should! My suggestion is to look into Tantric touch which is an energy exchange that incorporates feather like touch and being intimate without being attached to an outcome.

With energy we can find pleasure in healing and a higher sense of connection. There can be an energy exchange through eye connection, sound, touch and breath. The art of Tantra is one of the most easy, fun and instant ways to spice up a relationship—what are you waiting for?


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