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Relationship Tips...

We all know that relationships can be challenging and that they require consistent effort to make them work. So here are a few tips to make your relationship healthier...

I am a firm believer that the couple that plays together and the couple that heals together, is the couple that stays together! So what this means is that it's time to shift your focus from what is missing in your relationship to how to increase laughter, playful interactions and healing techniques.

This can be achieved through game nights, taking a class together, outdoor activities and spa nights. If you want to receive from your partner it's important to give—especially in terms of healing. So suggest listening to a meditation tape together, offer a back rub, prepare an intimate meal or work on a creative project together.

So often in relationships we over-analyze, mis-communicate, emotionally react and place blame. If there is tension with your partner than shift the energy by taking a deep breath, putting on some nice music, focus on what you love and communicate non-verbally. Remember, thoughts and words are energy so if you are projecting a low vibration it's not just damaging to your relationship, it's also lowering your frequency. Take a second to re-calibrate your energetic state so that you can manifest what you desire.

What we focus on we attract more of so experiment with visualizing you and your partner having more chemistry, more playful interactions and more love. It's also really powerful to use positive reinforcement instead of pointing out what your lover is not doing. Let that silly side out and remember to melt into the moment—as the energy does the communicating.

Love, Dream Bold Network

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