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The Silver Lining

In any situation there is always a silver lining. There is always an opportunity for growth, expansion, awareness and change when there are challenges and trauma. We are more resilient than we think and we have more hope than we are aware of.

Let's make sure we are focusing on faith, love and hope! Here are the beautiful things that are emerging out of our current situation:

1. A re-prioritization of our health, freedom, spirituality and social narrative

2. A reality check that life is fragile and we are all connected

3. An interrupt to the zombie, auto-pilot mode we have been in for so long

4. We have been forced to slow down, go inward and have less distraction

5. Greater awareness about conserving our resources and working together

6. The catalyst we needed to wake up, re-evaluate and shift our thinking

7. A mass awakening that the matrix is crumbling and a new paradigm is emerging

8. More time to read, learn, pray, connect, meditate and practice mindfulness

9. More interest in ancient, holistic and energy healing modalities

10. Our true colors are showing and we are now more aware of our collective shadow

11. More time to seek out truth, wisdom, spirituality and solutions

12. Greater appreciation for our farmers, resources and convenience of food

13. More gratitude for what we have and the people in our lives

14. More empathy and concern for the well-being of others

15. A re-evaluation of our invested time, energy and emotions

16. More time to be with our loved ones, connect more deeply and cherish what we have

17. A reminder that love is all there is and that fear is so obviously conditioned in our media

18. Our collective spirit is more sensed and nurtured

19. A greater sense of interconnectedness and humanitarianism

20. Awareness that we need to learn to be more resilient, healthy and prepared

21. Less pollution from traffic and boats so nature has a moment to heal

22. More time to be in nature and acknowledge the people around us

23. We are getting creative with ways to make each other laugh and feel better

24. The human spirit is felt globally and we are determined to make this a better world

25. We are done with the excuses and the illusion of the conditioning—and we are taking back our power so that we can win this battle of consciousness!

Out of chaos change can emerge and it's always darkest before the dawn. It's time for us to go inward, heal, unite and harness our collective energy. Universal laws are fully in tact and everything happens for a reason. What we focus on we attract and what we believe we create.

Perhaps this is the reboot our collective consciousness needed to wake us up and motivate us to do something we've never done. It's time to get creative, optimistic and healthy so that we can create the reality we are all aching to experience! Spread love, blessings and light because the only way to take out the dark is to turn up the light!

Love, Dream BOLD Network

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