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Goddess Glow

Do you define yourself by your body, social status, aesthetics or anything other than an eternal, energetic being? Do you love yourself unconditionally and consciously stay in the present moment with your focus on your higher self?

Regardless of any identity enhancers, or material abundance, you deserve to perceive yourself in your true form—divine light and infinite intelligence. You are a beautiful goddess with limitless superpowers.

It can be easy in our society to develop a disempowering story and feel unworthy. It's time for all of us to flip the script on any inner dialogue and narrative that is not serving us. At the end of the day we are magnetic beings in a magnetic world and we each hold the reigns to our inner magnetism through thoughts, emotions, intentions and habits. By embodying more self-love, positive self-talk and balanced emotions we can all step into our powers of conscious creation.

Are you ready to love yourself exponentially and upgrade your personal story so that you can harness the light and manifest your dreams and desires? Are you ready to accept that you are a spiritual goddess having the human experience? Are you able to forgive yourself and anyone who has hurt you so that you can transcend as an energy being and tap into your innate superhuman abilities? Of course you are—you're an eternal goddess—love yourself as such!

Love, Dream BOLD Network

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