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Love YOU!

Do you love yourself unconditionally? Do you look in the mirror and tell yourself that you're proud of yourself? Do you believe that you are worthy of unconditional love? What could our world be like if more of us chose to be more gentle, supportive and kind with ourselves?

So many of us jump into a relationship wanting from someone else what we really need to be giving to ourselves. How can we expect others to love us unconditionally if we are unable to do that with ourselves?

One way to love yourself on deeper levels is to be more aware of your inner story about yourself. Is it supportive and positive? Is it critical and disempowering? Our stories determine the quality of the relationship that we have with ourselves and nourishing that inner dialogue is key to loving yourself the way the divine loves you. Fully accepting all aspects of ourselves allows us to elevate our energetic frequency and become more magnetic. Don't we all deserve that?

Another idea to help you become your own best friend is to do something called smile meditation. You simply look in the mirror for 30 seconds to a minute while smiling and watch what happens to your mood! You can also add positive affirmations to strengthen and rewire your internal belief system about yourself. If you repeatedly tell yourself that you love yourself unconditionally, that you're worthy of love and that you fully accept yourself—you become more magnetic for a healthy relationship with someone else! So love YOU!

With love, Kate


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