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Dream Bold Network is a team of people that are dedicated to uniting our world through film production, ancient practices, energy cultivation, interviewing experts, artistic expression and creative manifesting. 


Now is the time to find common ground, overcome fear, embody playfulness, activate our inner superpowers and consciously create a new social narrative.
By exploring the human potential we can heal ourselves and raise the collective vibration. We are the architects of our future and we must build our world with the power of love. Do you dream bold? 


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Image by Kupono Kuwamura
Image by Kupono Kuwamura

"Good Guy Great Game" is an e-book that will teach you about non-verbal communication, the art of seduction, cognitive rewiring and how to build attraction. Are you ready to get your dream girl and explore your superhuman potential?

"Spiritual Foreplay" is an e-book that will help you to heal with sacred practices, the art of play, sensual manifesting, creative date ideas, spirituality and life force energy. Are you ready to heal? 


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Image by Kupono Kuwamura

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  • Marie Diamond (Author/Feng Shui/"The Secret")

  • Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup Author/"The Secret")

  • Drew Heriot (Director of "The Secret")

  • Deirdre Hade (Author/"What the Bleep" Movie)

  • Kimberly & Foster Gamble (Producer/Thrive) 

  • Glen Scantlebury (Editor/Director/Writer) 

  • Wim Hof (26 World Record Holder/"Iceman")

  • Frank Garza (CEO of Conscious Selling) 

  • Thomas Canestraro (Champion Boxer/Actor)

  • Ricky Mendez (Motivational speaker/Producer)

  • Thrive, Make Money Matter/100 Million Academy

  • David Meltzer (Founder of Sports 1 Marketing)

  • Dr. Dravon James (Actress/Peace Activist)

  • Barry Shore (The Joy of Living Podcast)

  • Jon Paul Crimi (Celebrity Coach/Breathwork)

  • Brandee Alessandra (Rythmia/Producer)

  • Kelly Sullivan Walden (Author/Dream Expert) 

  • Dr. Marissa Castello (Naturopathic Doctor) 

  • Steve Allen (Conscious Public Relations)

  • Shaman Durek (Shamanic Healer/Author)

  • Aaron Carvajal (Founder of Future of the Free)

  • David Rodriguez (Founder of Valor Academy)

  • Rassouli (Visionary Artist/Mystic/Author)

  • Elizabeth Sofia (Find Within Your Heart/Healer)

  • Sandra and Daniel Biskind (Best-selling authors)

  • Justin Mosley (Sound Healer/Musician/Artist)

  • Darcy Cleome (Intuitive Business Coach)

  • Debbie Weisman (Dream Power Radio host)

  • Net Momentum (Affiliate Management Experts)

  • Serious Fun Network (Paul Newman's Network)

  • Karlee Holden (Founder of Peace out Stress)

  • Dr. Bruce Lipton (Best-selling Author/Cellular Biologist)

  • Wim Hof (26 World Record Holder/"Iceman"/Breath Expert)

  • Kimberly & Foster Gamble (Producer/Thrive Movement) 

  • Kelly Sullivan Walden (Author/Speaker/Dream Expert) 

  • Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup Author/"The Secret")

  • Marie Diamond (Author/Feng Shui Expert/"The Secret") 

  • Shaman Durek (Shamanic Healer/Author/Speaker)

  • Brandee Sabella (Film Producer/Author/Speaker)

  • Dr. Dan Siegel (Author/Scientist/Mindsight Institute) 

  • Dr. Dravon James (Actress/Peace Activist, HBO "The Wire")

  • Panache Desai (Author/Thought-leader/Speaker)

  • David Meltzer, Founder of Sports 1 Marketing/Author

  • Tatiana Mityushina (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model)

  • Deirdre Hade (Mystic/Author/The Foundation for Radiance)

  • Jon Paul Crimi (Renowned Meditation & Breathwork Expert)

  • Gerry Powell (Founder of Rythmia & Author) 

  • Donna Eden and David Feinstein (Authors/Energy healers)

  • Thomas Canestraro (World Champion Boxer/Actor)

  • Master Mantak Chia (The Healing Dao/Author/Speaker)

  • Rassouli (Visionary Artist/Mystic/Author) 

  • Chris Livezey (Author/Motivational Speaker) 

  • Sandra and Daniel Biskind (Best-selling authors/Healers)

  • Kute Blackson (Best-selling Author/Visionary/Speaker)

  • Guy Finley (Best-selling Author/Life of Learning Foundation)

  • KC Miller (Founder of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts)

  • Kelly Kosow (LifeCoach/CEO of the Ford Institute)

  • Reverend Mark Anthony Lord (Author/Spiritual Expert)

  • Chris Grosso (Author/Acclaimed Public Speaker)

  • Andy Barkworth (President of YogaFit Inc./Expert in fitness)

  • Pablo Montero (Mexican Singer/Soap Opera Actor) 

  • "Manifest Peace" Movie 

  • "Searching for Superhumans" Movie

  • "Quantum Qi" Movie

  • Enlightened Leaders Summit

  • Conscious Selling Promo Videos

  • Conscious Selling Coursework

  • Global Gathering Commercials

  • Global Gathering Promo Videos 

  • Panache Desai Coursework 

  • 100 Million Academy (Guest)

  • LA Talk Radio/LA podcasts

  • Unity Radio (Everyday Peace)

  • Unity Radio (Ask Dr. Dream) 

  • Dream Power Radio 

  • David & David Podcast

  • BTS Television interviews

  • "Future of the Free" Documentary

  • Happy Heart Studio Promo Video

  • "The Rule Breaker" Promo Video  

  • Lee Holden Qi Gong

  • Manifesting Qi Gong

  • Manifesting for Children

  • Dating and relationship program

  • Spoken Word Videos

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