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Visionary Media

Dream Bold Network is a team of people that are dedicated to uniting our world through film production, mindset coaching, creative media, dynamic healing practices, artistic expression and bold leadership!

Our passion is exploring the human potential and teaching people how to access our innate superhuman powers. We have a bold vision to impact our collective vibration and manifest a quantum leap. Do you want to join our global energy experiment?

Your contribution helps accelerate this bold vision.
Thank you!

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Featured on


Keep it Real Movie 
2024 Release

Executive Producers

Jack Canfield
The Secret

David Meltzer
Sports Business

The Biskinds

Marie Diamond
The Secret

Leading Business Experts

Changing the Game

Law of Attraction


Motivating the Masses

Best Selling


Inspiring the World

Global Energy


Record Healing Time

Our Bold Network 

Our Interviews 

Our Projects

  • Dr. Bruce Lipton ("Heal"/Author/Biologist)

  • Wim Hof (26 World Record Holder/"Iceman")

  • Kimberly & Foster Gamble (Thrive Movement) 

  • Shaman Durek (Shamanic Healer/Author/Speaker)

  • Brandee Sabella (Film Producer/Author/Speaker)

  • Dr. Dan Siegel (Author/Scientist/Mindsight Institute) 

  • Panache Desai (Author/Thought leader/Speaker)

  • Thomas Canestraro (World Champion Boxer/Actor)

  • Tatiana Mityushina (Sports Illustrated Model)

  • Jon Paul Crimi ("Heal"/Breathwork Expert)

  • Gerry Powell (Founder of Rythmia/Author) 

  • Donna Eden (Author/Energy healer)

  • Rassouli (Visionary Artist/Mystic/Author) 

  • Kelly Sullivan Walden (Author/Dream Expert)

  • Kute Blackson (Author/Visionary/Speaker)

  • Kelly Kosow (LifeCoach/CEO of the Ford Institute)

  • Rev. Mark Anthony Lord (Author/Spiritual Expert)

  • Deirdre Hade (Author/"What the Bleep" Movie)

  • David Meltzer (Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing)

  • Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup Series/The Secret)

  • Marie Diamond (Feng Shui Expert/The Secret)

  • Brooke Burke (TV Personality/Fitness & Healing Expert)

  • Craig Siegel (CLS Experience/Podcaster/Coach)

  • Colosseum Athletics (Eco-conscious athletic gear)

  • Rafael McMaster (Resin Gallery/Indivisible Arts) 

  • Steve Allen Media (Conscious Public Relations)

  • Kate Eckman (TV Personality/Author/Coach)

  • Barry Shore (The Joy of Living Podcast/Speaker)

  • Alison Wroe and Ryan Turner (The True Healers)

  • Scott Carlin (Former President of HBO)

  • Natalie Ledwell (Founder of Mind Movies/TV Host)

  • Dr. Dravon James (HBO "The WIre"/Peace Activist)

  • Brian Bogert (Performance Coach/Speaker)

  • Kimberly & Foster Gamble (Producers of Thrive)

  • Sandra & Daniel Biskind (Authors/Healers)

  • Frank Garza (CEO of Conscious Selling)

  • Keep it Real Movie (Coming Soon)

  • Superhuman Experience Documentary

  • Brooke Burke Body, Classes & Workshops

  • Wellspring 88, Non-Profit Collaboration 

  • Colosseum, Athletic Gear, collaboration

  • Healing Events & Classes, South Bay LA

  • Soul Fitness LA, Yoga studios for Qi Gong

  • Enlightened Leaders Summit

  • Quantum Qi Movie Production 

  • House of Preeminence Magazine 

  • Best of LA Award Video Production 

  • The Joy of Living Podcast, Barry Shore

  • Conscious Selling Video Production 

  • Global Gathering Commercials

  • Not Over, Just Different Podcast, Guest

  • 100 Million Academy Podcast, Guest

  • LA Talk Radio & LA Podcasts, Guest

  • Unity Radio, Everyday Peace Guest

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