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 Absolutely Mental 

How much more tangled will we allow these paradigms to become?

When will we accept that it’s the same energy source we come from?


Inescapable chaotic reality, the perpetual attainment of inner balance Freedom catching your fall when you decide to bust out of the trance


Concentric, conjoining vibrations, requesting a tune-up, a check in Ditching the poorly digested limits we’ve been spoon-fed, global sin


Reclaiming our innate right to be powerful creators in this game

Reality morphing to prepare us for the power of this ignited flame


A new trajectory, curving the arch of sculpted manifesting

Shifting from ego-driven control to peaceful protesting


Creative arts, science and spirituality dancing to the same rhythm Different healing modalities, same conclusions—the natural algorithm

An inner focus on raised calibrations of boundless thoughts

Intentional projection of our leveraged electrical watts


Stimulation avoidance, embracing the magnetic creation we yield Seduced by the capabilities of our attractor field

Electromagnetic energy units, divine oneness, social restitution Immutable laws of existence, our resolution, our solution

Shifting the building blocks of our planet’s holographic set

Buckle up—this new paradigm is unlike anything you’ve seen yet


Transcending boundaries of a former problematic model, liberation

The rules are changing, game on, humanity receiving restoration

Breaking the code, quantum physics backing up spiritual creation Conscious energy creating a quantum leap, united sensation

More powerful than we ever thought possible—boundless, free

Earth resetting itself, so it can thrive the way it is meant to be

Honoring internal electrical impulses is fundamental

Realizing our collective evolution isn’t physical—it’s absolutely mental

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