Centripetal Force 

Revenge in the form of success, mass healing

Realizing we are all one, spiritually congealing

Paving the path, forthcoming paradigm

Learning to navigate through re-defined space and time

Re-wiring the ensconced beliefs of deception

Planting the seeds, immaculate conception

Breaking away from conditioned conformity

Imagine if we rocked uniformity

Equality as the common denominator

Faith in Universal law, now the navigator

Questioning the people we mindlessly admire

Igniting our souls, spreading the philanthropy fire

How much longer can we condone the silence?

No longer desensitized to the violence

Imagine the people utilizing innate abilities

Exploring spiritual capabilities

A generation conditioned to spread love and peace

Imagine us living with that much ease

Taking responsibility, moving forward

We can intentionally unite our word

We are all from the same source of energy

United thought vibrations, now free

One uniting path, one energetic source

One Universal soul, one unstoppable force

Yanking us back to our collective energetic source

An epicenter of freedom, centripetal force