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 Dynamically Eclectic 

Designed to be dynamically eclectic, yet we foolishly resist

So determined to be different, divided, unsure how to co-exist


The answers are right in front of us, but the TV tells us to do the opposite

When will we accept and appreciate the beauty of this masterful conglomerate?


A world of people that need the same things to survive

A world of people that have the power to unitedly thrive


The possibility of cohesive creation

The possibility of choreographed energy manifestation


Imagine igniting our innate super human powers

Imagine if we utilized the minutes, the hours


Tick tock there goes the bomb of human ignorance

Let it blast away the racism and conditioned belligerence


A fresh start for a species that needs a reboot

The key is to get back to our buried collective root


No more masking the symptoms of egoic control and conquering

Not when ancient solutions and wisdom need some honoring


Mmm, I’m feeling good about this shift in conscious thinking

A planetary vibration of magnetic energy linking


Empowering the source that fuels us all with the same electric flow

Our focused thoughts manifest as the place we decide we want to go


The ability to master our inner magnetism

The ability to transcend our pain and ego with the art of altruism


A magisterial announcement that the game of life is rigged

We were conditioned to be detached from soul, that’s the bullshit we swigged


No need to ruminate on the past that has led us to our wit’s end

Because it’s from this place of surrender that we truly get to ascend

No need for placing blame or feeling hopeless

That’s an illusion the ego hopes to see as our diagnosis

When we can accept that we are dynamically eclectic and from the same source

Well that’s when it all changes, when we utilize this powerful magnetic force

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