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 It's Up To The People 

How nice that the solution is the power of collective light

How nice that there is only one option to making things right


I believe in the people, if we could just wake up

It’s hard for us to have clarity when we’re drinking from the media cup


We either keep repeating the same mistakes and being led towards our demise

Or we trust in the source and have faith that the solution requires us to be wise


Collective consciousness is what we have never tried to utilize

We are so much more powerful than we believe, when will we realize?

We now have the tools to connect around our planet earth

Let’s make it a world that is rocking a higher vibration of worth

The potential of the people is so vastly raw

It’s in our power, and we don’t need to vote to pass this law


We don’t have to choose a side or debate our beliefs to make a change

With creative manifestation it’s nothing but imaginative and magical range


Our limitless abilities to co-create with the source

It’s practical, empowering and an unstoppable force

Universal laws working in our favor if we focus on what we do want to attract

It’s up to us how we look at our world and actively react

The power of our collective thoughts creates our perceived reality

It’s nothing but the dance of the light and dark duality

We have been misled in our thinking and therefore way of being

Imagine a world without the obvious mind programming, wouldn’t that be freeing?

We have the ability to reach a gravity-defying elevation

To harness and activate the inner life force energy is a true revelation


Imagine if we taught kids how to heal, co-exist and nurture the soul

Perhaps with education that should be the main goal

Everything is energy yet we aren’t taught how to channel it

Instead just numbed down, squished in the box, where we just don't fit

It’s up to the people to take a stand against what is keeping us suppressed

It’s up to the people to ignite our souls, and not let anything keep that repressed


It’s up to the people to make a change in a new direction

Finding common ground, healing and uniting seems like a valid selection

It’s up to the people to remember what it is to be a human in the first place

It’s up to the people to get over the instilled antiquated hate and unite as one race


It’s up to the people to wake up and stop falling for the illusions we see on TV

We have surrendered our minds and are wasting so much time, it’s easy to see

The time is now to turn up the light and spread peace like it’s the new trend

Let’s put our faith in the source that created all of this, and not let that faith bend


It’s up to the people, that much is clear to see

It’s up to the people, what energy vibration will we choose to be, we shall see

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