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Einstein knows best!

In the words of Einstein, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." So do you implement this truth in your life? Are you allowing your imagination to run free and do you understand why imagination is so powerful?

Einstein has been deemed the man of the century—but are we truly honoring his wisdom? We know what it feels like to work on something creative and how energizing it is to stretch our imaginations, but is there something deeper at work? Of course there is!

Imagination is one of the key ingredients in utilizing the Law of Attraction! When we are in an imaginative space we are projecting high vibration energy into the Universe. The more we fuel those creative juices with emotion and the belief that anything is possible, the faster the manifestations will materialize. It's the innate state that we see children in and it's the state that many adults wish they were able to feel. The beautiful reality is that we can feel that child-like wonder at any age and it's important to!

There is also the added benefits to expanding your imagination, such as improved problem-solving skills, enhanced cognitive functioning and overall improved well-being. It's a fun experience that builds confidence and allows for inner growth. By detaching from the outcome, getting into a playful state and opening up to limitless creation—the imagination can take you places you never thought possible!

We need more adults to tap into their child-like imagination so that we can manifest creative solutions in our world! We need to honor one of our most powerful gifts because it's imperative to our survival!

Love, Dream Bold Network

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