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Seductive picnic

A fun and very affordable way to be spontaneously seductive is to surprise your lover with a picnic of aphrodisiacs. You can include electric candles, wine, comfortable pillows and blankets, relaxing music (even just from your phone) and sensual snacks. Being spontaneous at unexpected times and at random places is an easy way to connect with someone. Be creative!

An example of this would be a charcuterie platter with olives, meats, artichokes, pumpkin seeds, cheeses, fruit, nuts or any other foods that you especially enjoy. You could also make a caprese salad, fruit skewers or small sandwiches held together with toothpicks. Of course finishing off with some chocolate or other tasty treat is always a recommended idea!

The concept of the seductive picnic is to keep things unpredictable and to be unique. The picnic can happen at a time when he least expects it, such as in your backyard. Create an intentionally drawn out afternoon escape. This is your getaway from daily stress, a predictable routine and fast-paced and fleeting moments. It's all about relaxing!

During the picnic you can spend most of your time together in silence, listening to relaxing music and giving gratitude for the exact moment that you are in. Appreciate who you are with, the food that is in front of you and the beautiful surrounding. Enjoy half a day of picnicking filled with laughter, activities, playfulness and flirtation. It is an excellent way to be completely present while radiating gratitude and happiness.

Eat slowly and gently feed each other. It is also important to include impulsive play such as tickling, wrestling, throwing a ball or massaging each other. The art of play is amplified when it is intermingled with the seductive power of relaxation, gratitude and heightened senses. Remember, you are the only two people in the world at any given moment of seductive play.

Relax on the ground as you stare up into the sky and think about what truly matters. Stare up at the clouds and describe to each other what images you see, like we did when we were kids. Play card games or random games from childhood like connect four. Show each other how the little things can make a huge difference. This is a date you won't soon be forgetting!

Here's a sexy little snack to consider: Prosciutto with peach and mint

This delicious pairing of flavors is as simple to prepare as it gets. Simply cut the peach into small slices and take the skin off. Then add a piece of mint and wrap it with prosciutto. Then hold together with a toothpick so that it doesn’t fall apart when you are feeding each other. A glass of champagne with a dropped raspberry pairs well with this sexy snack.


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