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Get in the mood with food

Couples are often looking for ways to spice up there relationship—what better way to get in the mood than with food! Yummy!

The idea here is to build sexual tension by tantalizing the taste buds, creating a relaxing atmosphere and heightening the senses. The lighting should be dim with sensual music and aromas. The goal is to escape the daily routine and get lost in sheer desire.

Your mission is to tease each other and arouse all the senses to the point of fiery longing for each other. This can be enhanced with blind folds, nibbling on the ear, soft kisses, heavy breathing and quietly whispering fantasies. For instance, the instruction to not use any hands leaves you aching to act on your aroused impulses. Use your words as little as possible and communicate with the senses and your bodies.

This is a drawn out evening of appreciating delicious foods, slow and deliberate teasing and building the anticipation for steamy intimacy. This sexually-charged evening can be enhanced with natural libido enhancers. An assortment of aphrodisiacs will drive each other wild as you are tantalized with different tastes, textures and spices. Natural aphrodisiacs like avocado, basil, almonds, chocolate, figs, chili peppers, oysters, asparagus, honey and, of course, wine are highly recommended. Slowly feed each other while kiss-teasing and whispering sexy comments in each others ear.

Prepare foods that are different in taste and texture such as cheeses, meats, olives, oranges, peanut butter, olives, crackers and ice cream. Get playful while feeding each other. There are many natural, passion-inducing spices that will stimulate the senses. Start off with foods that have a lighter spice such as nutmeg and build up slowly.

Libido-enhancing herbs like turmeric, rosemary and sage work incredibly well to get in the mood. Warming spices like ginger, cinnamon and cayenne pepper help with blood circulation and can help with increasing endorphins and sexual arousal. The hotter the spice, the more stimulated you will become. Spicy is very encouraged!

Interchanging between dark chocolate, berries and red wine will not only relax both of you but it will certainly increase the sexual arousal! This will tantalize the taste buds as you interchange between chocolate and different fruits like cherries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. By bringing consciousness to what you are putting in your mouth a sensual experience is guaranteed. You will love getting in the mood with food!


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