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High Vibrations

We all want to feel as happy as possible right? Well, imagine if you had more control over that than you thought? Imagine if you could lift your own vibrations in just a matter of minutes. Imagine if it were that easy?

Well, it is! Our inner vibrations are controlled by our inner thoughts. When we have positive and uplifting thoughts we will resonate at a higher frequency than if we have negative and self-defeating inner dialogue.

We can quickly shift our thinking by repeating what we are grateful for over and over or by using positive affirmations. Some examples would be, "I am choosing to be happy" or "Wow, I feel euphoric" or simply "I love my life." Whatever works for you! Even if you don't believe this phrase at first, you will after repeating it over and over again.

There are many other ways to instantly raise your vibrations. One very effective way to re-wire your thinking is to listen to guided meditation, binaural beats and hypnosis recordings on Youtube. They are free and are effortless to try. All you have to do is put your headphones in and relax! For instance, if you want to be more confident you can type in "Binaural beats for increased confidence" and then test out a few of the recordings to see what resonates for you. These are fun and the effects of sound healing are incredible!

People tend to shy away from hypnosis because of preconceived thoughts that it will make them do or think something that they don't want. Well, let's plow through that fear because hypnosis is simply a higher state of suggestibility (just like when you are in "the zone" when you watch TV). The only difference is that with these recordings you are putting empowering messages into your subconscious mind, which controls behaviors. Give a guided meditation a try and I dare you to not feel relaxed, rejuvenated and clear headed! I double dog dare you! ;)


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