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Manifesting Magic...

Manifesting Magic!

Do you intentionally try to design your life? Have you figured out how to co-create with the source? Do you understand and utilize the Universal laws? Is it easy for you to attract what you desire? Are you manifesting magic in your life?

Many people may not respond with a "yes" to all of these questions. Sadly, we are not taught the art and science of intentional magnetism, even though the Law of Attraction is the most effective way to change your life and tap into your innate super powers! Don't you want to feel the magic?

To be more magnetic you have to focus your thoughts on what you deeply desire, truly believe that it will manifest in your life, visualize what you want, give gratitude and expect it. By changing your thoughts from "I wish I had..." to "I already have..." and emotionalizing that feeling, you will find that things are able to manifest more quickly. This is a creative process so have fun with it and when limiting beliefs or doubts surface, just flick them to the side.

Patience is a huge component in this process as well—and the more you practice manifesting, the faster you become at it. It's a learning process and it's important to have faith in the divine timing. You are a vibrational being in a world the operates by the Law of Vibration. Your vibration is determined by your thoughts and emotions. So what vibration are you choosing to be in? What emotions are you sending out as a vibration? That's what you will be attracting so be aware of your frequency!

When you expect magic, by Universal law it has to show up! Why would you focus your energy and attention on anything other than what you want? Are you ready to shift your thinking, and therefore, what you are manifesting in your life? Let that imagination run wild—and dream BOLD!


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