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When is the last time you connected with a group of people through prayer or meditation? Is meditation something that you have been meaning to try but haven't committed to it yet? If so, it's time to get grounded and give it a try!

Meditation on its own is powerful, restorative and healing. A group meditation can add extra benefits such as a sense of belonging, social support and deeper perspective. It's also physically calming, fun and spiritually energizing.

For many people they may not know where to find such an experience but there are yoga studios, meetups and many resources online for group gatherings.

It may put you out of your comfort zone but by pushing those limiting boundaries you are able to allow for growth and be open to inner expansion. There is something so comforting about hearing other people's experiences, feeling connected to each other and releasing your prayers and fears to a higher source.

It feels amazing to unplug from our fast paced society and to connect to other souls. Meditation groups allow for clarity, inspiration and inner peace as well. Our brainwaves actually synchronize when we are meditating in a group—it's such a powerful experience. There is also an opportunity to make new friends, get involved in community and even meet a significant other! It's all about opening yourself up to a new experience and be part of something bigger than you!


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