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I Dare You...

Do you tend to be confident or insecure on a daily basis? Do you love yourself or is your inner dialogue abusive? Do you feel inferior to other women or worthy of true happiness? Do you feel small or transcend your body?

We live in a world that is socially conditioning us to chase delusional beauty, distorted purpose and the illusion of happiness through material things.

It's destroying women's confidence, body image and sense of worth. It's bullshit and I'm tired of it! These are the manifestations of greedy corporate monsters and it's time to reverse this social tragedy because it impacts us all!

We need to heal, turn up our inner light and see through the mental manipulation because our suffering can't continue. It's time to redefine what it is to be female and flip the script so that we can combat the blatant attacks on our overall well-being. Ladies, it's time for us to step up and write history that will make future generations proud of our courage.

I'm inviting all women to step into their power and rise above the social conditioning. We are not here to be plastic, fake, helpless and in competition with one another. Rather, we are here to be strong, spiritual, warrior goddesses. It's ego versus soul and it's our choice if we are going to continue falling for the mental programming or switch to a new station.

Perhaps we can shift some of our focus from makeup to makes you feel way more beautiful! I dare you to step into your spiritual power and love yourself unconditionally! YOU deserve it and the world needs it! Actually—I double dog dare you! :)


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