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Why so serious?

Are you someone that takes life seriously all the time? Do you get caught up in your day-to-day schedule and feel like you're chasing your life? When is the last time you let loose and played the way you did when you were a kid?

So many of us are going too fast in auto-pilot mode and forgetting the value of slowing down, playing and turning our minds off from the chaos. Our world just seems to be moving faster and faster but human beings are not supposed to be robots that chase their lives.

In fact, when you slow down, increase mindfulness and are in a playful vibration you are actually in a more powerful state to attract and manifest what you want. The Universe is able to bring our desires into our lives with more speed and ease when we are relaxed, calm, clear-headed and in heightened states. So play!

There are other benefits to slowing down and not taking life so seriously. For instance, when you are constantly in go-mode it is very strenuous on your mind, body and overall well-being. The constant stress wears on us and we need to allow ourselves time to break free from our "grown-up" lifestyles. Life is meant to be fun! Laughing also boosts your immune system and makes you more magnetic.

We are playful creatures and life shouldn't be as hard as we have been conditioned to believe. My advice: simplify your life, re-prioritize and do the things that made you feel alive and free when you were a kid! Those higher vibrations will create a shift in your life that ultimately leads you to want you want faster!


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