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Vibrant Vibes...

We all love color but are we aware of how much they influence our moods? Color therapy, or chromotherapy, has been used to alter people's moods and improve their overall well-being!

Colors are energy and with so many things in our world making us feel heavy—it's time for us to blast this planet with vibrant colors that make us feel uplifted! Now is the time for us to paint the world with as much color as can through artistic and spiritual expression.

Natural things like the wilderness, flowers and healthy foods help to heal us. Raw foods are colorful and vibrant and when we eat foods that are rich in life-force energy we are more vibrant as well. When we surround ourselves with color we feel more alive and energized.

When we are kids we naturally want to dress in and surround ourselves with as much color as possible. Then when we "grow up" we often see that the corporate attire is primarily black and grey and that the environment is rather drab—which isn't exactly uplifting or inspiring. To shift our energy it's time to rev up the color so we can heal!


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