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Magnetic Food...

Is there anything more sexy than vibrant foods that nourish you with life force energy and pure pleasure? Is your food as magnetic as you want to be?

When you slow down in the kitchen and cook with someone it should be an experience that heightens the senses. So light those candles, play some Bessie Smith and allow yourself to melt into the soulful journey of food.

Do you give gratitude for the abundance of food around you? Do you take a moment to appreciate the colors, the healing components and the creative expression of preparing your food? Do you melt into the cooking moment, fully present, with each ingredient as you soak in the vibrations of your surroundings?

Food is our medicine. Food is our energy. Food is us. We really are what we eat so do you want to be a processed slab of chemicals and low vibration substances? Or do you want to be glowing, vibrant, healing treasures that come from our earth? Tough call for sure—not!

Let's seduce our food so it can seduce us right back. Let's worship it so it worships us right back. Let's trade in our fast wanna-be-food for blissful foods that fuel us with energy and provide us with the ability to naturally heal ourselves. Just an idea...

Love, Dream Bold Network

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