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Slow flow...

Stare at this picture for a few moments and allow yourself to melt into it. Let the colors blur and pop out of the picture. Are you feeing relaxed and in the flow of nature?

When you look at this picture do you feel lit up with the energy of the colors, as well as more fluid, free and at peace? Does your body feel more grounded and still. Has your mind slowed down and focused on the moment more?

When I look at this picture it makes me slow down and think about the importance of counteracting our hectic schedules with a few moments of stillness, color therapy and reminders of the beauty of this world.

Our natural state of relaxation mirrors the energy movements in nature so it's imperative that we incorporate this into our daily lives with more intention. With our levels of stress and constant stimulation we need to prioritize mindfulness and rev the gratitude for the natural treasures all around us.

It's easy for us to forget that life isn't as difficult as we have designed it to be. It's also easy for us to forget that we have the ability to co-create a new reality. Sadly, it's easy to let magical moments slip by. Perhaps we shouldn't forget that we are powerful creators with the ability to manifest absolutely anything we desire using the laws of nature and the power of our minds. Perhaps we should notice the magic a bit more! What are you manifesting?

Love, Dream Bold Network

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