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Take is From the Top!

What's so beautiful about life is that there is always an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and take it from the top! This is true for each of us individually—and also for us collectively.

We always have the ability to manifest a new reality by shifting our focus from what we don't want to what we truly want. We can start fresh and manifest anything we want by focusing on it and having faith!

With so much violence, negativity and propaganda, it's imperative that we remember that we are innately powerful creators that have Universal laws to protect us. We can use our collective imagination to expect miracles and manifest innovative solutions. We need to lift our spirits.

We are vibrational beings and the Universe boomerangs those energy frequencies back to us. Imagine if we traded in small talk, gossiping, social media and drama TV for meditation, healing, positive affirmations and visualizing a more peaceful world. Can you imagine what our reality will look like when we decide that we have the power to co-create anything we imagine?

Everything we need can be provided by the Universe. Period! It's time for us to think in a higher vibration towards what we all truly want and to take ancient wisdom and harness that truth towards a more healed world. What are you focusing on? Happy manifesting!


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