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Sexy healing...

Today I had a spiritual moment that reminded me of how powerful the little things can be. It was a warm day at the beach so I went down to the water to put my feet in the sand and clear my head because I was feeling the world on my shoulders.

I anchored myself into the ground a little and bent my knees to feel connected to the moment and to pull in negative ions from the earth. Everything was very still and it was easy to feel one with the soft breeze.

From there I focused on my breathing and I allowed my whole body to melt into the moment as I noticed the sounds of each wave crashing and felt the warm sun on my face. The energy coursed through me as I focused on giving gratitude, relaxing my body and harnessing my life force energy.

As I closed my eyes and prayed for a few moments I asked the Universe to provide guidance and clarity. As I asked for support the most tiny wave landed and very delicately touched the tips of my toes, but just barely. It seriously felt like a kiss from the ocean and a wave of inner warmth surged through me. It was a delicate sensation for such cold water and as I looked down there was a beautiful stone sitting by my feet. As always, nature answered my prayers and I walked away in a shifted vibration with my new healing rock! How sexy is that?


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