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Grapefruit Glow...

I'm obsessed with a new technique I have been using with food to keep me on my healing path. It's very simple—I just ask myself if I want to look like and be the food item in front of me...literally though.

Here's what that means...before I eat anything I pause and assess the energy I'm feeling. For instance, if it's a pomegranate I think about the antioxidants, fiber and vitamins in those richly colored seeds.

I want all of that so I savor my tasty pomegranates and give gratitude for their powerful healing abilities, especially improving memory. I literally want to look as sexy as pomegranates do!

On the flip side, if I am looking at a slab of red meat I ask myself if I can trust that this animal was fed a heathy diet, treated well and not under stress when was slaughtered—because we are what we eat. With our society's outrageous demand for meat, it usually seems pretty safe to assume that I'm about to ingest an animal that was scared upon death. I then decide that I'm not going to subject myself to that energy and search for the foods with the most life force energy!

I used to be very addicted to carbs and sugar and now that I've conquered those cravings my food choices have dramatically improved. Almost immediately I noticed the results and truly understand that we are what we eat. Not just because of the nutrients, but because of the energy our foods contain.

Now that I eat a plant-based diet, free of most meat, free of most dairy and with minimal sweets and carbs, my energy has skyrocketed. I feel more alive, balanced, grounded and clear-headed than ever before. And now I have this glow that people keep commenting on. I call it the grapefruit glow—go get your glow on my friend!!


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