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Remove the Mask

Now is the time for humanity to remove the mask of conditioned narration, because what we focus on—we attract. Who has the pen right now? Us? Our TV's? Our fears?

It's time for us to get more real, more human, and more awake to who is controlling our behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. It's time for humanity to be brave enough to see through the illusions so that we shift our focus to solutions.

Can you imagine our world if women were not so objectified, manipulated by the media, mind-programmed to feel insecure, and focused on aesthetics?

Can you imagine our world if men weren't so conditioned to be emotionless, programmed to be macho, encouraged to be aggressive, and glorified to be violent. We are not Barbies and GI Joe's. We are humans, primal beings. We are powerful beings that are capable of manifesting any reality we desire—we just have to understand the art of creation.

By removing the social comparisons, ego-driven thinking, and rat race lifestyle that we see in every direction, we will be able to reconnect with the vibration we all originate from—love. Our collective frequency must resonate at a higher vibration so that we can nullify the dark, low vibrations that have taken the reigns. The way to change the world is to heal yourself! Let's get real, transcend our conditioning, and free ourselves through Universal laws!

Love, Dream Bold Network

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