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Shake it up!

In our world it is overwhelming to think about the magnitude of change required to shift our planet in the right direction. However, our solutions require a feasible step-by-step approach.

If we shift our thinking from the entire challenge at hand to small steps that we can all take, everything shifts.

For example, if you want to lose 50 pounds, you don't focus on the entire goal, you begin by taking ice cream out of your diet, and then taking the stairs over the elevator, and then jogging daily, etc.

The question then becomes; what CAN we do? We can have more patience with each other, we can reel in our conditioned consumerism, we can smile more, we can breathe more deeply, and we can choose happiness over fear.

Do you want some little ideas that make a massive shift in how you feel about yourself and your role in this world? Well OK, here goes; you can organize a beach or park cleanup with your friends, compliment strangers, smile at everyone you walk by, stop gossiping, retract judgment of others, meditate in nature, write the people you love a handwritten note, cut out negative people, forgive anyone who hurt you, eat a superfood diet or minimize your possessions.

You could do something that scares you, surround your house with positive words, seek out holistic healing, turn off your TV, etc. I could write a book on the little steps that humanity can imagine all of us shifting incrementally—in a new direction. It's worth a try right? :)


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