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Food is Fuel!

We have all heard the phrase, “You are what you eat.” There is no denying that we feel great when we eat healthy and that we feel sluggish when we eat processed, fatty foods. Even with this insight, so many of us are still eating low-vibration foods that suck our energy and lead to health issues. Do you understand the importance of eating a prana-rich diet?

So what is prana? It’s life force energy and the foods that we eat contain varying amounts of this energy. Fueling yourself with foods like spinach, salmon, carrots, kale, berries, seeds, nuts, and eggs will make you feel a natural surge of energy.

Eating a super food diet will inevitably make one feel more balanced, energized, and clear headed. Eating a diet that consists of lots of sugar, gluten, and processed food will make you feel foggy headed, exhausted, and heavy. It’s like putting the wrong fuel in your car—it just won’t run properly.

If you look at our commercials it is absolutely criminal that we bombard our minds with fatty foods, sugar drinks, manufactured products, and processed meats. It’s absolutely disgusting and all of these things lack the one thing we need from our foods…life force energy. It’s not shocking that we are battling with obesity, health issues, and a sluggish existence. We are ingesting poison!

It was Hippocrates that said, “Let they food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be they food.” So why is the modern medical world shoving prescription drugs down our throats, more than educating us on nutrition? It’s an industry that only profits if we are sick. How sick is that?

Humanity needs to take more time to consider the energy within their food. For example, when you ingest processed meats you are consuming the energy of tortured animals. Really stop and think about that. Do you want to become the energy of a living creature that was abused, tormented, and then mangled through a machine?

Does that sound natural? Or would you rather become the energy of vegetables that came from the ground and contain natural healing properties? It’s pretty obvious what will make you feel better. So how do you want to feel? Ask yourself this with every meal!

Love, Dream Bold Network

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