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Catch Your Waves!

When is the last time you took a risk? When is the last time you tried something scary? What is the next adventurous thing that you have planned? Or are you just playing it safe?

Often in our society we are scared to make mistakes or to try things that are out of our comfort zone. However, it's the times that challenge us that push us to grow, expand, transcend, and tap into our inner strength. We are supposed to make mistakes!

Here's what I recommend: take a few minutes to quietly reflect on your inner desires, make a list of what surfaces, and then pick something from your bucket list—and do it! I mean do it now! You won't regret that you tried but you will regret what you didn't try. So get up and do it!

Remember, you are more supported by the Universe than you are aware of. When you take a leap of faith or pursue something you are passionate about, the Universe will reward you. It's time for you to catch some waves.

Yes you might get knocked down a few times but can you imagine how happy you will be when you take that ride? Can you imagine how much you will grow, inspire others, shift your vibration, and learn? You deserve that. You're not here to play small, you're here to dream bold! It's time for bold action in your life! It's time for bold courage!


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