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Are you Hiding?

How do you see yourself? Are you showing the real you? Are you spreading your love, your light, and your higher self? Or are you hiding?

Are you playing small or playing it safe? What's holding you back from being your true self? Are you scared to show the world how incredible you are? Are you ready to write a new inner story about your worth in this world? Good—let's get started!

You aren't in this planet so that you can tip toe around your potential. You are here because you a valuable force of light that this world greatly needs. It's easy to give into the fear because there is so much tragedy happening in the world. Luckily we're not here to settle for easy—not when stepping into your power feels so good! It's time for you to muster up some courage, transcend your thinking, and approach the world as the confident, primal, being of light you were intended to be. It's time for you to ignite your fire!

So how do you do that? The answer is subconscious reprogramming and this is achieved through positive affirmations, hypnosis, re-wired self-talk, or even notes around your home that say, "I am stepping into my power," "I am confident in who I am," and, "I am brave enough to show the world who I really am!" Blast your subconscious mind with books, lectures, and positive people—this works more than you can even imagine!

That's are a beam of light that this world needs! You are valuable, strong, and supported! The Universe has your back and is calling on YOU to step into your power! Show the world how incredible you are!


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