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Superhuman Kids!

Yesterday I was walking around downtown and I kept seeing children that were wearing shirts with positive messages and something clicked for lifted my mood each and every time! How powerful is that?

I realized that if humanity wanted to make a simple, profound, and instant shift in the vibration of our world, we would utilize our #1!

These high energy, moving, message boards would inspire and heal the people around them. Simply seeing the word "love" makes us feel better instantly. Imagine if we revved that concept, and had fun doing it?

How many times do you look at a cute baby or a young child and read what is on their shirt? Probably most of the time because kids are funny, cute, and super entertaining. If parents dressed their children with clothes that were covered with positive words and phrases on a regular basis, there would be a significant vibrational shift. We would literally think and feel better as a society!

We all need reminders of what is important so clothes that have phrases such as, "Spread happy vibes," "You are the creator of your reality," "Manifest magic," and "Choose happiness" would keep us more in the vibration of what we truly desire. Visualize a classroom of children on a field trip and they are all walking around wearing shirts that say "We are one" or "Spread peace." How beautiful and inspiring would that be? That gave me chills just thinking about it! That would be so impactful, affordable, and fun!

Here's what I am suggesting; that we stop focusing on trying to make girls so pretty and boys so tough and instead...humanity so strong and empowered! Let's forget name brands for children and focus on the messages they are sending to the world. Words are powerful and if we teach children this when they are young it will program their thinking to be united and positive. It's time for us to try something we've never done—it's time to ignite an unprecedented thought revolution! It starts with our children!


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