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Heal Your Thoughts!

This statement should really make you you understand this on a deeper level? We all know that positive thoughts make us feel uplifted and that happiness is a choice, but do you know that your thoughts are directly related to your health?

So what does that mean? How could your thoughts have such a significant impact on your physical state? Well, your thoughts are energy. Each and every thought has a frequency and everything is mind over matter.

Since happiness is a choice, so is your health. How great is that? We have all experienced a time when we used our minds to influence a situation, a feeling, a potential illness or our environment. Our thoughts are able to impact our overall well-being because they are a vibration. When your thoughts are positive and healthy you will feel more vibrant and energized. Conversely, when you are focused on negative feelings and illness, you will attract physical illness.

Have you ever noticed that what you focus on you attract more of? The same is true for your health! The perfect example is flu season because during this time people will often think "I hope I don't get sick" or "I can't afford to get the flu right now" or "I better not get the flu." The problem with these thoughts is that you are still focusing on what you don't want—the flu! If you switch those thoughts to "I am always healthy" or "I feel amazing" or "I have the best immune system" you will notice that you are now in a higher vibration.

We can literally manifest or cure illness with our minds. We just have to choose to be happy, to think positively, and to focus solely on being in a healthy body. What will you choose to focus on? What can you start to do to improve your health? You are way more powerful that you think you are—you just have to believe it!


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