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Spicy Relationship

Are you in a sexy and healthy relationship—with your food? We often forget that the dynamics of our diet shape all areas of our life. We are what we eat, literally!

Food is energy and the intention that we send to our meals impacts us. With our thoughts we can actually influence how our food effects us. So do you love what you eat? Do you give gratitude for the healing your food provides?

Why do you think Grandma's cooking always tastes so good?—the intention is love! It's time to blast your food with the frequency of love by saying phrases like, "Thank you for healing me," "I love what this does for my body" and "Wow, I'm so blessed to have this medicine." Food is medicine and the thoughts of love are healing frequencies.

It's also important to consume food that is colorful, raw, organic, and unprocessed. Send energy to your food and take the time to give gratitude for the nourishment. This is a very intimate relationship in your life and it requires daily attention, focus, and commitment. Love your food and love the healing that it provides.

This is a mindful practice and what you put into it will significantly benefit your life. So choose food with high vibes and then send high vibes to your food so that you can be a high vibe person—it's simple.

Love, Dream Bold Network

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