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Artistic Expression....

When is the last time you got lost in an artistic activity? When is the last time you played like you did as a kid? Do you consider yourself to be a creative being?

We are all here to be co-creators of our destiny and to be architects of our reality. If the mind can imagine something happening, it can create it. Our only limits are the ones we put on ourselves—so how charged is your imagination?

An activated imagination is equivalent to having superpowers because it leads the chi, or life force energy. Imagination and visualization are powerful skills to utilize for manifesting.

A great way to harness the power of your imagination and energy field is to play. Find a way to explore your artistic expression as you immerse yourself in bright colors, tactile activities, authentic creation, and relaxation. Have fun and put on music as you get lost in painting, drawing, photography, or your favorite form of art.

As you melt into the moment just let your mind drift towards anything you desire. Put all of your focus on everything you want to manifest and experience how it will feel. This is you in the creative flow which makes you more magnetic and aligned with what you want to co-create in your world.

Love, Dream Bold Network

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