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Abundant Attitude

If you want to attract more abundance in your life it is important to have an abundant mindset. Are you aligned with scarcity or wealth? Are you thinking negatively or positively? What is the frequency that you are signaling to the quantum field?

We are magnetic beings and when we want to attract something into our life we must focus our thoughts and emotions on what we desire. The trick is to embody the emotions of already having it and to feel grateful for having already received it. Essentially, you are remembering your future as a memory to change your neuro-circuitry.

The brain doesn't know the difference between a real or imagined experience so incorporate a visualization practice and daily affirmations that are in alignment with what you want to manifest. Using "I am" statements are extremely powerful to help you align with the vibrations of what you want to show up in your life. If you want more wealth you can say, "I am wealth" or "I am a magnet for wealth" over and over.

Your thoughts have an electric charge in the quantum field and your emotions have a magnetic charge in the field so harmonize your thoughts and emotions and put all of your focus on what your desired state of being is. What is your inner dialogue and story about your ability to tune into the frequency of abundance? What is your attitude around abundance? You are significantly more powerful than you believe, so change your beliefs and you change your life! Have fun manifesting!

Love, Kate


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