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Choose Peace

Creating peace within is a choice. It's a matter of choosing to not react, to not surround yourself with toxicity, to not repeat your old patterns and to not give your power away. Peace is a conscious decision—how exciting is that?

The frequency of peace is magnetic and powerful. We can achieve inner peace when we modulate our thoughts and emotions. This requires constant awareness, rewiring, recalibrating and upgrading. When you create a peaceful inner world—you will magnetize a peaceful reality.

When we heal our inner world and we become the vibration of peace, we are able to emit the energy of peace. This is a magnetic force that influences those around us. Peace is a mathematical equation. Every thought, intention, emotion, action and choice impacts our energy field. When we radiate peace, we generate more peace.

Do you feel as though you are in a state of peace? Do you live in the flow state? Do people comment on how chill you are? What could you do to embody the frequency of peace more? Can you imagine what our world would look like if enough of us made peace a priority and we visualized a world of peace? Please join our energy experiment to manifest peace in our world through frequency, vibration and the Law of Attraction!

With love, Kate


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