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Cosmic Mind

Have you ever read “The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind Power,” by Joseph Murphy? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it because it completely rewired my thinking about health. In fact, that book made me feel more empowered than anything else I have ever read. Here’s why…

Western medicine tends to focus on ailments that can only be cured by a doctor’s prescriptions, without a focus on our own innate ability to heal. It’s a disease model that makes outrageous amounts of money off of illness, not health. This book, and others like it, reminds us that we are literally able to manifest or cure illness with our minds. This means that we are significantly more capable of reversing health issues with our thoughts. How cool is that?

We see this time and time again. People all around the world are diagnosed with terminal illnesses and given specific amounts of time to live—and then they defy the odds. Well how do they do this? They decide to! They make a mental decision that they are going to focus on their healing, they visualize their health, they shift the vibration of their being, and they instruct their cells to heal. What we focus on, we undeniably attract.

Ancient healers would ask someone that was sick the last time that they had danced and sang. This may seem unrelated to health but dance gets your life force energy to circulate and singing is a high vibration. Sound healing is one of the earliest forms of healing, and it works. The body naturally heals itself, it’s just a matter of fueling that machine with positive thoughts, engaging in high-vibration activities, surrounding yourself with uplifting people and shifting your awareness to healthy, repaired cells.

With love, Dream Bold Network


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