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Divine Energy

Everything has masculine and feminine energy—including you! The best way to be in your optimal healing state is to balance these energies within you. So how do you do that?

Doing activities such as walking in nature, breathing techniques, daily mantras, Qi Gong, sound healing and meditation can help you to feel balanced and harmonized in your mind and body. Instruct your muscles to relax and let go.

Consciously drop into your sensing and feeling body more regularly instead of trying to navigate through life with your analytical mind. The electromagnetic energy field around our heart is our power center for creation and we can literally feel each other's heart energy.

Yang energy is more active and yin energy is more calming. Yang is masculine and yin is feminine so this means that it's imperative to activate energy, but also to relax into the flow state. By slowing down the body, we slow down the mind. Do you visualize yourself as a balanced energy being with mind and heart coherence?

We are all divine energy beings that can modulate our inner and outer frequencies. When we feel connected to nature and each other we are more grounded, aligned and balanced. If you are always in stress mode, take more time to relax and if you are spending a lot of time sitting, push yourself to move your body more frequently. When you match and mirror nature you become more energetically harmonized and more resilient to disease.


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