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Divine Masculine

There is a rebalancing of energy happening in our world and we are waking up to the illusions that have been forced upon us for so long. We can now clearly see that there is a false social narrative that has caused massive damage to our collective psyche.

The Law of Gender reminds us that every living thing has masculine and feminine energy. When these frequencies are balanced we are in a state of optimal health. So OK men—what are your beliefs about your own personal feminine energy? Is there a subconscious belief that to tap into that energy means that you are less of a man? Do you judge feminine energy? Are you open to exploring this part of you?

Many men have been taught that if they cry they are weak. Well here's why that is absurding ridiculous—tears are life force energy that is trying to purge out of your body to facilitate healing. When we don't cry and we hold that energy in it causes energy blocks in our meridians (energy pathways) and this stagnant life force energy can cause disease. So the next time you need to cry, allow yourself to release.

Do you now feel lighter in your mind and body? Tears are proof that formless (emotions) can become form (tears) and that everything is just energy in motion—so don't resist the natural design. Have you noticed that animals cry? Even nature cries. By changing our inner narrative we can align more with divine intelligence and evolve spiritually. This is just one example but by becoming aware of faulty programming we can rewire ourselves for more balance, harmony, healing and global unity!

With love, Dream Bold Network


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