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Dream Big, Dream Bold

If someone had told me what was going to manifest in my life I wouldn't have believed them. I dream big but what is showing up is surpassing my visualizations. So I want to share some tips:

  1. Have total faith that what you desire will show up in divine time

  2. Be patient and don't try to figure out the timeline (this one was so hard for me)

  3. Speak your life into existence and release any doubts around your desires

  4. Embody the frequency of what you want to attract

  5. Enjoy the process of creation and attraction

  6. Celebrate your dreams before they manifest

  7. Surround yourself with people that match your future and who support your vision

  8. Believe anything is possible—because it is!

  9. Act as if your dreams have already actualized

  10. Give gratitude everyday—and trust the process

  11. Know that you are worthy of HUGE abundance!

Remember, the Law of Attraction is a lifestyle and it takes time and practice to master this skill. It can be frustrating at first but never give up because the more you do it—the better you get!! This is what our ancestors knew and this is Quantum Physics so enjoy the art of manifesting. You are a magnetic being and you have the ability to increase your inner magnetism by retraining your mind, balancing your inner world, choosing to be more positive and educating yourself on energy.

This is our solution to so many global issues so please decide that you are going to master the Law of Attraction and watch how the Universe will show you the magic, miracles and truth! We are all superhumans with the ability to attract anything we want. So let's magnetize peace, freedom, abundance and equality. Let's be conscious creators and reclaim our powers to co-create with the infinite intelligence of the Universe—and have fun doing it!

With love, Kate


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