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Free Yourself

Do you often compare yourself to other women? Do you wish that you had certain traits like they do? Do you think less of yourself when you are near a beautiful woman?

This is the conditioning and programming that we have all been subjected to! What would happen to your confidence and quality of life

if you freed yourself from aesthetic comparison and thought of all women as your sisters?

How much more empowering could your inner narrative be? How much more supportive, forgiving and compassionate could you be toward yourself and everyone around you? If you think about your thoughts, beliefs and emotions as energy it becomes very apparent that being in a state of jealousy and envy is only hurting you—more than you are aware of!

In order to vibrate at a higher frequency you must learn to love yourself unconditionally and be grateful for who you are. Don't waste your time and energy comparing yourself to other women or to the illusions we see in the media. You are an eternal energy being with innate superpowers and if you want to truly glow—master your energy! Are you ready to love yourself and free yourself from the damaging pressure and illusions imposed upon us in our society? Are you ready to project love to every woman you encounter? Don't we need more of that in our world?

Love, Kate


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