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Light Your Mind

What if you have more control over the energy you are projecting than you are aware of? What could your life look like if you only surrounded yourself with positive people that lift you up? What if you only listened to things that inspire you?

We are what we surround ourselves with and that is in your control. The media, music, conversations, people and environment that we immerse ourselves in determine our vibrational state. Are you consciously increasing your inner magnetism?

If we become more aware of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors we would be able to transform lower frequencies into a more magnetic signal into the quantum field. Do you think on a quantum level of pure consciousness, divine intelligence and harmonized masculine and feminine energy? Have you learned to modulate your thoughts and reactions? Can you imagine if you raised your standards for the quality of your thoughts?

What could our world look like if we all lit up our minds, elevated our intentions and consciously raised our vibration? It's more of a mathematical equation than an impossible quest. We can all choose happiness, acceptance, forgiveness, love and peace—which lights us up. What will you choose? Are you ready to join our global energy experiment to rock the collective vibration?

Love, Kate Founder of Dream Bold Network


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