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Magnetize Miracles

Do you know how to manifest miracles? Do you believe in miracles? In order to increase your magnetic ability to attract miraculous experiences you must focus on miracles and expect them to show up.

You can start by using daily affirmations such as, "I am a magnet for miracles," "Miracles always show up in my life," "I am in the frequency of miracles" and "I am worthy of a miraculous life." Continue to repeat these over and over throughout your day.

The key to this is to emotionalize these inner declarations. Embody the feelings of excitement, awe, wonder, worthiness—and of course, gratitude. What would it feel like if you were to see more miraculous things showing up in your world? Do you feel worthy of miracles? Do you believe in the magic of the universe? It all comes down to the story that you are telling yourself. So is your personal narrative aligned with the frequency of miracles?

You are a powerful creator and your energy field is extremely more magnetic than you think. By cleaning your aura through positive thinking, removing toxic people, eating healthy, daily exercise, deep breathing, meditation and visualization you will increase your inner magnetism and notice shifts in your outer reality. You can manifest a more miraculous life and we can manifest a more miraculous world when we start to utilize our innate abilities and raise our vibration. So are you vibing as high as miracles are?

With love,

Dream Bold Network


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