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Manifest Inner Peace

We all want to feel calm and harmonized in our minds and bodies. However, so many of us are feeling stressed out, anxious, confused, fearful and exhausted. So how can we manifest peace within? We can start by shifting our inner dialogue to a more empowering narration through positive affirmations, uplifting self-talk and surrounding ourselves with healthy relationships and experiences.

It's important for us to objectively evaluate our personal stories. What is your story about your life, your social network, your intimate relationships and our world? Are you in vibrational alignment with what you desire and want to attract more of in your life? Do you listen to empowering podcasts, music and TV programs? Do you give gratitude for the simple things like your heart beat, your breath and your senses? We are what we surround ourselves with so it's imperative to consciously create our realities.

Have you incorporated a daily meditation practice with sound healing, breathing techniques, journaling, energy healing and time in nature? Are you being gentle with yourself and giving unconditional love to yourself and those around you? If you focus on doing the things you are passionate about and you shift your focus from fear to love, you will create more peace and happiness in your life. What we focus on, we attract more of.

So where is your point of awareness? Is it on what you want or don’t want to magnetize more of in your life? Where are you directing your energy? We encourage you to repeat, “I am peace” every day for the next week and see if things start shifting in your reality!

Love, Kate


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