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Shamanism Resonates

One our favorite interviews was with Shaman Durek, a 5th generation Shaman. He talked about how the separation of masculine and feminine energy creates chaos, sickness and disease.

Everything in nature has masculine and feminine energy, including us. However, we have been conditioned to separate men and women based on gender. This is a huge explanation for why we are so detached from our true potential and each other.

Shaman Durek also teaches how important it is to be aware of our quantum abilities as creators and healers because we are eternal quantum beings. By balancing and learning how to manage our energy we are able to navigate life with more fulfillment and harmony. Doesn't that sound liberating?

In Shamanism, there is so much value placed on connecting with our inner child and learning how to keep your inner light up, even in the darker times. This practice teaches you how to be more relaxed, at peace and empowered so that you can be healthier and happier. When we see life through the lens of love and we embody light intelligence we are able to step into our power and evolve as as species. Doesn't that sound like innate solutions that can unite our world? Does this resonate with you?

Love, Kate Founder of Dream Bold Network


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