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 Flipping the Script 

Dear Humanity,


I feel for women in our society

Conditioned insecurity, aesthetic anxiety


The pressure to look the unattainable look

Makeup valued more than a self-help book


Heels so high, disconnected from our earth

Our egos stroked by corporations, lost worth


Everything fake, what’s real anymore?

Hiding what we feel, to fake it some more


Divide and conquer cannot continue

Are we ready to replace this old menu?


Emotional manipulation fresh out the gate

Neurotically obsessing about our weight


We’re taught to compete over men

Chase diamonds, gossip, be a perfect ten


Over-priced products, buy it now

Innocence robbed, we must no longer allow


Equal beings again, not conditioned by darkness

Focus flipped inward, free your inner artist


Changing our hearts, it’s time to check in

Insecurities projected out, what pain within


This isn’t about feeling sad or defeated

Find compassion, take action, intention completed


Children must be educated about the conditioning

Antidote to this tragedy, inner petitioning


Unraveling the messages, starting new

It’s time to stand up, soul up, we are through


Redefining women, authors of a fresh start

Expressing through passion, love and art


Designer products—no, you’re worth is within

If you go in that direction, you’ll never win


Forget propaganda that gives us no choices

Stop competing, unite our spiritual voices


Who holds the controller to our mental well being?

It has to be us, imagine we start truly seeing


Rise and shine sweet ladies, I have sweet news

We’re flipping that script, no more time to lose


So sorry to say, you’re not a princess my dear

You’re so much more, a warrior, no fear


Time to unleash the super powers within you

Be brave, heal and manifest something new

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