Magical Spell 

Manifesting the magic—let it light the path

Illuminating the steps to freedom, cosmic aftermath

Cleansing of faulty thought projections 

Pivoting to magnetic ideas, deeper questions

Electricity transcending body

Things untangled—not so knotty

A plane of existence, once a dream—now a residence

From lost to soaring in the zone of excellence

Finally free, a new paradigm of existence

The power within, path of least resistance

A shimmering space of energy receptivity

Indulged in the boundlessness of creativity

On a quest, an intuitive focus on intention

Utilizing inner potential, electromagnetic intervention

Enchanting magnetism, materializing of desires

Connecting to the source of creation, heated inner fires

Tapped into supernatural powers, the sixth sense

Extrasensory perception, superseding common sense

The spell is cast, global alchemy in motion

You’re the wizard with a vibrational potion

Emitting a frequency that stands out from the rest

Intentional vibrations of triggered epiphanies, let it manifest

Expecting magic, perfect rhythm, souls parallel

Never leaving, now found, entranced in the magical spell