Our Opportunity 

What a wild time to be alive, to witness the show

The source of change is the people, that’s how we survive this tornado

Darkness revealed, truths exposed, the curtain has been lifted

There’s really not a more profound gift we could have been gifted


Where the ego has run rampant, pain guaranteed

It’s time for our collective soul to supersede


The time is now to realize that we are the creators of our reality

Through collective consciousness, we have an opportunity to be free

It’s time to rack up karmic coins and good deed dollars

It all goes back to the power of energy, the words of ancient scholars


It’s easier than we think, it’s all about intentional energy flow

What ever we focus on, that’s where we are guaranteed to go


With a scoop of gratitude and a dash of desire

We can manifest faster when we throw love on this fire


This creative process is our opportunity to thrive

When you harness your manifesting energy, you’ll feel more alive

A fresh start, a new paradigm of existence

Increased magnetism, decreased resistance

The world is our canvas

We are the artists, created to paint this

It’s our innate ability to be magnetic

It’s as ingrained as anything else genetic

Operation dream big, dream bold

It’s about working together, and no longer being controlled

In the match of soul vs. ego

The soul is clearly the superhero