Quantum Entanglement 

Mystical communication, stronger as one

Unprecedented synergy, spiritual phenomenon


The matrix of light, perpetual jocularity

Molecular equation, linked for eternity

Subatomic love, encoded intricacy

One soul, quantum intimacy


Transmitting signal, pulses of light

Cosmically entwined, paradoxically right


Mathematic formula, art seducing science

Energy mirroring, pre-determined alliance


Magnetic miracle, cellular acceleration

Divine sensation, vibrational perpetuation


Faith in the perfection of the flow, love longevity

Conscious configuration, exploding levity


Circulating angelic atmosphere

Charged connectivity, overriding fear

Eternally dancing to the rhythm we wrote

Stronger together, the most perfect musical note

Nostalgic reunion in the physical plane

It’s quantum entanglement, we are magically the same